Before you undergo any aesthetic treatment, let us give you an overview of these types of procedures so you’ll know which one suits you best. 


Surgical Facial Procedures

While minimally to non-invasive cosmetic procedures are the popular choice, invasive surgery is still a viable option. These type of procedure can provide long-lasting or permanent results.  



Significant Changes – The first thing you can expect with surgical procedures are significant results. Because they require precise adjustments, the results can be dramatic and go anywhere from subtle to immediately visible. Results are generally patients who feel satisfied and happier about their appearance following the procedure. 

Accurate Reconstruction – With expertise from certified aesthetic doctors in Singapore, patients are carefully analysed and evaluated to see which options are best for their facial appearance. The best offer provided to patients is the ability to reconstruct their features with accuracy and precision. This makes surgical procedures suitable for patients who are looking to achieve a more defined feature.



Cost of Time – Because surgeries do a lot of accurate alterations, it can take quite some time to complete the procedure. On top of that, downtime can also take a significant amount of time. Patients often have to endure a long period of recovery which can take anywhere from days to weeks. 

Financial Cost – Surgery is no simple task and it doesn’t come cheap, too. Because of the expertise, equipment, and knowledge required in the procedure, surgeries are considerably more expensive compared to non-invasive methods.



Non-Surgical Facial Procedures 


Nowadays, non-invasive treatments are becoming more popular thanks to patients who want to achieve a more “natural look” but without the downtime involved in invasive procedures. Some in-demand non-surgical facial procedures today include facelifts, nose thread lifts, nose fillers, chin fillers, and more. Each promises a convenient, non-invasive method to achieve a better facial feature. 



Quick treatment  – There’s no need for lengthy preparations with various equipment and procedures. Most non-surgical face treatments can be done in under an hour.

Minimal to non-existent discomfort – Because non-surgical face treatments don’t require invasive procedures, there’s minimal to almost non-existent discomfort involved. 

Little to no downtime – Non-surgical treatments have almost no downtime. You might feel minimal discomfort post-treatment, but other than that, you can resume your normal life as soon as possible.



Subtle changes – This is one of the main drawbacks. While the whole procedure might be convenient and relaxing, results are usually subtle and may take a while to become visible. Nevertheless, it also means no one can tell if someone has actually gone under the knife. 

Ineffective for significant sagging – Since non-surgical procedures offer slow and steady results, this type of treatment isn’t exactly recommended for people with significant signs of sagging. For people with significant signs of ageing, surgical treatments are often the recommended option. 



Which one should you choose?


With the listed pros and cons above, it is safe to consider that your choice will depend on your goals and preferences. On top of that, you have to consider what is best for your skin’s condition. For instance, anyone, who has significant signs of ageing and is looking for drastic results, should opt for a surgical procedure. 


Ultimately, your choice should also rely on the recommendation of your aesthetic doctor in Singapore. Trust your doctor’s experience and knowledge to choose what’s best for you. 


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Dr Zhang YiJun