Skin Booster

Skin areas such as the face, neck, décolletage and back of the hands are commonly plagued with the problem of sun damage, dehydration and roughness. Enter SkinBoosters Vital that withholds an immense wealth of natural hydrating benefits to subtly improve skin elasticity and replenish youthful skin smoothness. Delivering a potent boost to plump up the skin, it is able to moisturize skin from deep within and is even clinically proven to prevent signs of aging.

Skin Booster - Shiro Aesthetic Clinic Singapore

Frequently Ask Questions

Skin boosters can last around 12 months.

Skin boosters are dermal fillers injected straight into the skin to improve its quality. They are used to hydrate and shape the face.

They are injected directly into your skin. It helps you retain moisture and improve the appearance of your skin.

They are very safe for most people. The solution used for skin boosters is made up of substances found naturally.

Under eye injections last for around 1-2 years.

Skin boosters deliver natural hydrating benefits to the skin to improve skin elasticity and replenishes youthful skin smoothness, it plumps up the skin and is clinically proven to prevent signs of aging.