Laser Pigmentation

Melanin is a pigment that gives skin, hair and eyes their colour. When an irregularity in melanin production is concentrated in a specific part of the skin, pigmentation occurs. Hyper-pigmentation is a common problem among our Asian population. The root of the problem comes from sun exposure and UV radiation although genetic predisposition, drugs and hormonal changes can aggravate and trigger the formation of excessive pigments. All these factors can lead to a whole variety of skin pigmentation disorders.



* Freckles

* Solar Lentigenes

* Melasma

* Hori’s Naevus

* Birthmarks

* Pigmented scars i.e acne scars

* Other Pigments

We advise our clients to consult our doctor who will conduct a full assessment of your skin condition to determine the likely cause and accurate diagnosis. An appropriate treatment plan tailored to every individual is specially formulated to treat your pigmentation while taking into account the cause of the skin disorder, the triggering and aggravating factors, suitability and sensitivity of your skin. A precise diagnosis is essential to determine the depth of the pigmentation and whether the pigmentary lesions are epidermal or dermal in nature. In many cases, a combination of both are present. Using the latest technologies in laser and light therapy, pigmentation disorders can be safely treated effectively by targeting melanin with an intense beam of laser. Our advanced laser technology is highly recommended for this, by dispersing and destroying melanin cells and effectively elimination melanin cell producers. Results can be seen over regular sessions which vary depending on the specific condtion.



Using customised settings specific to your skin condition, our doctor will exercise great care to perform the procedure in a safe and effective manner which would avoid causing excessive damage and prolonged down-time. There is usually mild redness over the treated areas which generally resolves in a day, although individual results may vary. Post procedure, pigmentation spots will darken, develop a ‘scab’ and eventually fall off in a few days. Depending on individual results, repeat sessions might be needed for complete clearance.



Melasma is notoriously difficult to treat. Here at Shiro Aesthetic Clinic, we have had extensive experience treating melasma with very good clinical outcomes. Besides taking time to explain and provide education on melasma prevention, our melasma clearance program utilizes a combination of therapy and individually prescribed products which can help to improve stubborn melasma. Multiple sessions are recommend if patients want to further lighten their pigmentation.

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