Did you know that eye bags are caused by mild swelling or puffiness? This is because as you get older, the tissues surrounding your eyes become weak. The fat that helps in supporting the eyes then goes down into your lower eyelids, making them look puffy. Fluid can also accumulate below the eyes.


Other than the natural effects of ageing there are several factors that can worsen eye bags, including lack of sleep, allergies, and smoking.


Deep or pronounced eye bags are a common insecurity for many. A common solution for most people would be to use skincare products that aim to firm up your skin and diminish the bags under your eyes. However some of these products might take time to take effect, or may not even work at all.


Another option is to get aesthetic treatment for eye bag removal. Eye bags can be treated either directly by using under eye thread lifts to reduce the fat and tighten the skin, or indirectly by injection of dermal fillers into the tear troughs to mask the appearance of the eyebags. These can be performed at most aesthetic clinics in Singapore and it’s important that you learn what they entail so you know what treatment can address your needs.


Under Eye Thread Lift vs Dermal Fillers: What’s the Difference?


An under-eye thread lift, commonly called a thread lift in general, is a common procedure in aesthetic clinics in Singapore. This treatment is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that tightens the skin under your eyes using temporary sutures or threads. They are inserted into your face before it gets tightened and portions of it get stitched to pull the skin back slightly, resulting in  lifting or tightening effects. The threads also help in activating the body’s healing response, stimulating collagen production.


What you should know about thread lifts:


  • •This aesthetic treatment takes about 15 to 30 mins on average to do
  • •There is minimal downtime and most patients can go back to their daily routine immediately after treatment.
  • •Individuals often experience minimal pain during and after the procedure
  • •As it is a minimally invasive surgery, general anaesthesia is not used
  • •The treatment is usually recommended for individuals in their 30s to 50s with preliminary signs of ageing


On the other hand, dermal fillers are injected directly into the eye bags, so they can add more volume to the area. Typically, fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, which is a gel-like substance that your body naturally has. When injected the dermal fillers can also activate the further growth of healthy collagen, rejuvenating your skin.


What you should know about dermal fillers:

  • •Dermal fillers are usually recommended for mild to moderate eye bags
  • •The procedure takes about 10 minutes on average
  • There’s typically minimal to no downtime after this procedure
  • Side effects may include mild bruising or swelling
  • The pain is minimal as the dermal fillers will be injected using a thin surgical-grade needle, and most dermal fillers already have an anaesthetic
  • It’s less invasive compared to eye bag surgery
  • Dermal fillers are not permanent and will usually last a year
  • The outcomes of the procedure will be different from person to person


These are just general descriptions of each procedure and every aesthetic centre in Singapore has its own approach. It’s best to get specific information from a clinic before proceeding.


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