A straight, pointed nose with a high nasal bridge is almost universally regarded as the ideal nose across different cultures.


Unfortunately for most Asians, a nose with a flat bridge and upturned tip is usually more prevalent. It primarily explains the demand for nose augmentation procedures in Asia, particularly in Singaporewhere non-surgical procedures such as nose thread lift are fast becoming recognised as a safer and preferred alternative to rhinoplasty.


If you’re looking to undergo the non-invasive procedure, there are a few things you should know about, including its recovery and aftercare. Read further to learn more.


What is a Nose Thread Lift?


A thread lift is an emerging non-surgical nose augmentation procedure that uses fine, absorbable threads to give the nose a lifted look. It is also often used in combination with dermal fillers for a sharper, contoured nose, and lifted nose tip.


It is considered a low-risk procedure with little to no recovery time and minimal risks of side effects such as redness, bruising or swelling. It can be performed in as little as 45 minutes, hence its name, lunchtime nose job while you can resume your daily schedule afterwards.


Finding a certified medical aesthetics professional is the key to a safe and successful thread lift. There are also plenty of things you can do to support your recovery and get the best results:


Aftercare: What To Do After A Nose Thread Lift 


1-2 Days

-Take your medications as prescribed by your aesthetic doctor. These may include antibiotics to prevent infections and medicines for swelling and bruising. 

-Avoid applying makeup, but if you must, make sure to avoid the entry point. 

-Ice the treated area to relieve bruising and swelling.  

-Use an SPF30+ sunscreen to avoid sun damage.  

-If the pain remains the same two days after the procedure, contact your aesthetic doctor.


1-2 Weeks

-Avoid performing any strenuous activity

-Refrain from scrubbing, rubbing, or exfoliating your nose or the skin around it. 

-Do not drink alcohol or smoke up to a week after the procedure. 

-No to spas, saunas, or any activity that could expose your nose to extreme temperatures.


As said earlier, nose thread lift involves little to no recovery time. There are some things to be avoided within the first two weeks to make sure the treated area will recover quickly and the threads will not be displace.


With proper aftercare, the effects of thread lift can last up to two years, where the threads completely dissolve after insertion. The dermatologist may recommend you to receive maintenance treatments every 6-12 months.


At Shiro Aesthetic Clinic, we offer non-invasive nose augmentation procedures including nose thread lift and dermal fillers in Singapore to give you a safer and more effective non-surgical alternative to contouring your nose.


For more information about nose thread lift, recovery, and aftercare, you may ask us at Shiro Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore.


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Dr Zhang YiJun