Change is the only permanent thing in the world, so expect that your aesthetic treatments need to be maintained as well.


The broad range of products that dermal fillers in Singapore offer have benefited patients and aesthetic physicians. Essentially, it aims to fill in lines and smoothen the wrinkles brought by your ageing skin. This has increased in popularity as it offers an excellent alternative to cosmetic surgery, with almost no downtime or discomfort and can be done easily as a lunch time procedure. In fact, in many cases, cosmetic surgery is not able to correct the volume loss that inevitably occurs as we mature, and dermal fillers play a vital role to enhance and replace the facial volume lost.


Reaching a certain age will make you realise that the beauty you possessed during your youth should not be taken for granted. But, there is still a chance to return to the supple with sharp facial features you had with chin fillers treatments in Singapore clinics.


What is Chin Fillers?


Injectable dermal fillers are the best phrase to describe what chin fillers are. The chin filler aesthetic procedure is popular among individuals who want to enhance the appearance of their chin, mostly wanting it to be more contoured and projected forward. Made from natural and synthetic materials, this Hyaluronic acid (HA) induced fillers are injected into your facial areas such as the chin and jawline. Because HA is found naturally in our bodies, these dermal fillers are also broken down naturally and safely in our bodies with time.


Good Candidates for Chin Fillers

Certain dermal fillers have varying properties, relative risks, and injection requirements. That is why aesthetic applications are strict. Aside from having sagging skin, the ideal candidates are recommended to have: 


– No allergies
– No existing health conditions
– Not a smoker
– Physically healthy
– Committed to maintaining good skin health



What Happens During the Procedure? 


Once administered, the effects of increased volume are immediate, chin fillers in Singapore can take up to 30 minutes to perform and this includes preparation time. Likened to dermal filler and face thread lift procedures, your aesthetic doctor will disinfect the area where the injection will occur. This type of treatment will require the application of topical anaesthetics which will make the process comfortable.


After disinfection, the dermal filler is injected with a small needle to a chin. Typically, a single injection is needed for relatively straightforward cases. Despite the anaesthesia, slight discomfort can be present during the procedure. You may feel mild pressure and discomfort during the process but this is helped by the numbing agent lidocaine which is mixed with the dermal filler. Lastly, expect that the area will feel a little sore for a few days. 



Result and Aftercare 


Likened to face thread lift procedures in Singapore, results are immediately visible as soon as you step out of the clinic. Serious adverse effects are rare because it is mitigated with proper planning and technique done by aesthetic doctors. Usually, skin reactions if any, are mild and transient such as bruising and swelling.


You will feel mild soreness after but it will eventually disappear with proper aftercare practices. This includes:


– Avoiding exposure to sunlight
– Not doing intense physical exercises for 24 to 48 hours
– Taking painkillers when there is discomfort



How Long Will It Last? 


Chin augmentation, using HA fillers, allows a non-committal relationship compared to invasive surgery because it is expected to last up to 24 months. The patented design of these fillers is the reason why its effects can last this long. Depending on the filler material such as products of JUVÉDERM®, TeoSyal and Restylane®, the longevity of the results will vary.

Thus, it is important to know the approaches your aesthetic doctor will do to you. Our doctors at Shiro Aesthetic Clinic will patiently walk you through the whole procedure to give you a deep understanding of how chin fillers work.


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Dr Zhang YiJun