Hair Treatments

Be it hair loss or hair removal, Shiro has medical evidence-based treatments to help your regain your confidence with credible results. Easy procedures and next gen-treatment method, we offer hair loss treatment in Singapore without negative effects.

Regenera Activa

Reactivate your hair follicles with Regenera Activa, an autologous micrografting hair loss treatment for men and women with ZERO downtime.
One session is all that is required with effects lasting up to 2 years.

Theradome® Low Level Laser Therapy

Theradome® helmet is a FDA-cleared low level laser hair growth treatment with clinical strength results for both men and women. It helps to slow or stop hair loss, thicken existing hair follicles, and help regrow new hair without prescription or medication.

Alma SHR Hair Removal

In-motion methodology for fuss-free, painless and permanent hair removal for smooth and whitened skin. More details coming soon – please call the clinic for full details or to arrange for an appointment.