There are several causes of hair loss, but the most common is a condition called androgenetic alopecia—a form of hair loss for both men and women. For men, this is also known as male-pattern baldness, which gradually occurs with ageing and in predictable patterns—a receding hairline and bald spots. As for women, it’s manifested by the thinning of hair but fortunately for them, complete baldness is rare.


Hair loss can also be brought about by a change of circumstances including health conditions, medication, emotional trauma, diet, and hormonal changes. Because hair loss has many possible underlying causes, the approach to treating the problem can differ as well. 


That being said, what is the best possible treatment for hair loss? Modern-day procedures and evidence-based hair loss treatments.



Understanding the Different Types of Hair Loss Treatments 

There are different types of hair loss treatments in Singapore. You can invest in medications such as minoxidil (Rogaine) or finasteride (Propecia) or undergo procedures such as hair transplant surgery or laser therapy. But, how do you know which approach is more suitable for your hair loss?



If your hair loss is caused by medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism, alopecia areata, or ringworms, you’ll likely be prescribed with medications to treat it.


For men and women, minoxidil is a non-prescription medication that is applied by rubbing the liquid into the scalp daily. At first, you will experience shedding but soon, new hair will grow, albeit in shorter and thinner fashion.


Another example of medication is finasteride (Propecia). This prescription drug is used for men and it comes in the form of pills for daily use. Its results allow men to either slow down hair loss or regrow hair.


While medications are recommended for any form of hair loss, the results may not come out as you would expect. As such, going for clinically approved procedures should be your next step.



Hair restoration procedures can be done with or without prescriptions. For the most part, these options provide patients with longer-lasting or permanent results.


  • Hair Regrowth: Regenera Activa 

For instance, the Regenera Activa treatment is a one-hour procedure that helps reactivate your hair follicles and stimulate the scalp to produce new functioning hair. Results can become visible as fast as 1 month after the treatment and the effects can last up 2 years. 

  • After-Care Hair Growth Treatment: LLLT 

Another procedure is the Low Level Laser Therapy with Theradome®, which can be used as a supplemental treatment for Regenera Activa. It uses low-level lasers to stimulate hair follicles thus, encourage hair growth. It’s a widely-accepted procedure and is considered safer and less invasive than hair transplant surgery. Supplements can also be taken to retain the benefits of LLLT. 


These modern-day hair treatment procedures are highly recommended if you’re experiencing severe hair loss. However, it pays to take note that results may be different for everyone. Therefore, we strongly advise you to visit a hair loss clinic in Singapore and consult a doctor who will assess which hair treatments and/or medication suits you best. 


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Dr Zhang YiJun