When you come to think of it, it’s probably why when fat freezing hit the market about a decade ago, they were one of the firsts to line up in aesthetic clinics in Singapore to try the treatment that sounded almost too good to be true: a non-invasive treatment that freezes away stubborn fat in as little as one hour with almost little discomfort. 



What is Cryo Fat Freeze?


The technology behind Cryo Fat Freeze in Singapore, cryolipolysis, is a procedure designed to freeze fat cells that don’t respond to traditional exercise and diet to the point where they crystallise, disintegrate, and exit the body as waste. 


The result is slimming in the treated areas—e.g double chin, love handles, abdomen, bra line, upper hip, buttocks, and thighs—sans the invasive surgery and downtime associated with conventional liposuction. 


Being non-invasive, fat-freezing generally has a good safety record. But, that doesn’t mean it is completely pain-free.



Does Fat-Freezing Hurt? 


When undergoing any aesthetic treatment in Singapore, it’s essential to ask questions, and with fat-freezing, what you should be asking is exactly how painful—or pain-free, for this matter—the procedure should be. 


Although there is no long-term pain and discomfort associated, they remain a very tiny possibility with just about any medical procedure. Most of the mild discomfort if any, is primarily felt during the procedure and a few days after. 


With fat-freezing, some of the worst experiences patients have ever reported has been the slight pinching and pulling sensations during the procedure and the sub zero temperatures at the treated area that eventually go numb while the treatment is ongoing.  These sensations stop once the treatment is completed.


As for the side effects, some patients have experienced mild redness, tingling, bruising, swelling, itching, and numbness that eventually went away shortly after a few days. The level of discomfort a patient can feel can vary between treatment areas, with the abdomen being the most sensitive. 



What Are The Results? 


How visible the results of cryolipolysis depends on the number of treatments you undergo. But, on average, it would take a few weeks before you start noticing changes and for optimal results, at least 2 sessions are recommended. 


The treatment would result in body contouring and fat reduction of stubborn fat areas —a improved silhouette and less bulging in problem areas—thus, illustrating why it is recommended for anyone who is looking for visible improvements without surgery.



So, Is Fat-Freezing Safe?


Fat-freeze treatment rarely causes serious side effects. But, the possibilities discussed above are something you should talk about with your doctor ahead of time, so you would know how to respond should you experience them. 


Nevertheless, the risks involved with this non-invasive procedure is comparatively very low to those associated with liposuction. Essentially, a professional consultation is recommended for proper assessment and to further reduce the risks of side effects. 


Our aesthetic doctors at Shiro Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore are capable of assessing your condition. We may also curate the body contouring effects of our Shiro Cryo treatment with the skin-tightening benefits of Venus Legacy for more desirable results. 


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Dr Zhang YiJun