Jaw Slimming with B'tx

Reduce square/round jawlines for a delicate oval face with B’tx injection

B’tx is an injectable drug made of natural, purified protein that was initially developed as a way to treat eye problems like excessive blinking and strabismus and it was later discovered to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and effectively slim the jawline by reducing the size of the jaw muscles, resulting in a more feminine oval face shape.

B’tx for Jaw Slimming

Jaw muscles are extremely strong – especially in people who grind or clench their teeth (bruxism) – and overtime these muscles can bulk up, resulting in a squaring off of the lower face. B’tx causes controlled weakening of specific muscles by blocking signals between nerves and muscles hence, the jawline softens into a slimmer, more oval shape. B’tx cannot, however, make a round or chubby face smaller, but rather it reduces the size of prominent masseter muscles that define the lower shape of their face. The treated muscle no longer contracts as strongly, causing the muscle mass to become smaller, and the sides of the face to be slimmer and more contoured.

Causes of Square Jaw Due to Enlarged Masseter Muscle

While it is common for Asians to genetically have larger jaw muscles which adds to a masculine appearance, the following also contributes to enlarged masseter muscle:

  • Excessive chewing: Excessive chewing of hard food items like nuts or gum can cause your jaw muscle to expand in size giving your jaw-line a squarer look.
  • Teeth grinding/bruxism: Some people have a habit of clenching their jaw and grinding their teeth even in sleep. This leads to enlargement of masseter muscles and hence square jaw.

Treatment of Jaw Slimming with B’tx

B’tx is injected into the chewing muscle (masseter) causing it to weaken and shrink in size. The procedure also helps those who suffer from migraine headaches caused by stress and teeth grinding, as it relaxes the jaw muscles thereby reducing overall tension in the face.
Depending on the size of your jaw muscles and anatomy, between 1-3 injection points are required. The procedure usually takes less than 15mins with no pain and no downtime.

Is B’tx Jaw Slimming Safe

B’tx has been FDA approved for medical aesthetics since 2002 and has been widely tested and used safely all around the world. In particular, B’tx jaw slimming has no pain or downtime and can even be done without anaesthetic cream.

The Visual Effect

With the appearance of a slimmer face, it makes way for V-Shape face and more angular silhouette that is typical of the desirable model/celebrity look. The effects of the injections usually last four to six months depending on how fast your body metabolizes the B’tx.

Patients can choose to repeat the treatment every few months as and when the effects wear off to maintain the effect. For long term B’tx users, the interval for treatment is often extended in subsequent treatments and they do not have to return so often for maintenance.

Patient Selection for Best Outcomes

Primarily, by the thickness of your masseter muscle (jaw muscle). The relative thickness of the masseter can be easily determined by biting down hard and feeling the outer jawline. If the muscle appears to be almost rock hard and enlarged in appearance when you clench your teeth, you may be a good candidate to have this procedure done.

Aesthetic Curation

To enhance the jaw slimming effect, the V-shape contouring with HIFU Toning compliments for a holistic youthful appearance.

B’tx Jaw Slimming in Singapore

Shiro Aesthetic Clinic treats square jaws with high-grade botulinum toxin to achieve medically effective results without pain or downtime in the heart of Orchard, which is easily accessed by taxi or a few minutes walk from Orchard or Somerset MRT stations. We take meticulous effort on patient care and experience to ensure your visit is informative, comfortable and professional.

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