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Experience one of the world’s longest lasting fillers in Singapore. 

Ellansé Dermal Filler reverses the underlying causes of facial aging by stimulating your own natural collagen, thus resulting in a long-lasting skin rejuvenation with natural youthful appearance.

Collagen is a vital component of the skin and soft tissues that maintains elasticity, tightness and suppleness. Intrinsic aging is the natural aging process that takes place over the years regardless of outside influences. After the age of 20, a person produces about 1 percent less collagen in the skin each year. As a result, the skin becomes thinner and more fragile with age.

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Why Choose Ellansé and Why Is It So Popular?

Many have sought fillers as the solution to eliminate facial aging signs. But what makes Ellansé work differently as compared to other dermal fillers commercially available in the market?

Traditional hyaluronic acid fillers work by filling out lines and wrinkles or areas of volume deficiency. On the other hand, due to Ellansé’s unique properties of collagen stimulation, it not only fills up fine lines and wrinkles, it also stimulates the production of your own natural collagen. Hence, reversing the root cause of facial aging so as to give longer-lasting skin rejuvenation with natural looking youthful appearance.

This explains Ellanse’s popularity over other dermal fillers in Singapore.

The Science Behind Ellansé

Ellansé fillers are made of precisely engineered microspheres from a biodegrable synthetic material called polycaprolactone (PCL). It is homogeneously suspended in a tailor-made aqueous Carboxy-methylcellulose (CMC) gel-carrier. Similar to traditional fillers, Ellansé immediately fills up the volume deficient areas on our faces with the CMC gel carrier.

At the same time, the PCL microspheres present in Ellansé stimulates collagen production. Newly formed collagen replaces the gel carrier upon reabsorption by the body to form a structure for retaining the PCL microspheres. This enforces a long-lasting volumization as the body produces collagen to replace the fillers that are naturally reabsorbed by the body over the course of time.

Over a few years, the residual effects of the stimulated collagen will achieve natural and durable results you are looking for.

Benefits of Ellansé Dermal Filler

  • Natural stimulated collagen revitalises and firms skin
  • Skin lifting notably visible
  • Improvement of skin creases
  • Facial reshaping and contouring
  • Delays aging signs with long-lasting effects
  • Rejuvenated skin with fresh and natural looking appearance
  • Longer-lasting effects as compared to other dermal fillers, therefore eliminating multiple sessions to maintain results
  • Cost efficient treatment choice

Main Areas of Treatment

  • Temple and Brow
  • Malar and Cheek
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Marionette Lines (smile lines)
  • Jawline
  • Chin Definition

Is Ellansé Safe?

Ellansé is a very safe procedure because of its full reabsorption by the body after the stated longevity period.

Common side effects such as mild bruising, swelling and soreness are temporary, while injection related are resolve easily.


The key advantage of Ellansé over other dermal fillers in Singapore is its obvious longer-lasting effects.

The visible improvements you see from Ellansé is immediate after treatment.
Depending on the type of Ellansé filler the doctor recommends, the notable results can last from anywhere between 1 to 4 years.

For this reason, you are not required to go for follow-up visits or multiple maintenance sessions, thus saving you both time and money.


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