Eyebag Elimination Program

Eye creams and masks won’t work

Droopy eyelids and eye bags are usually a cosmetic concern linked with ageing that can start from the age of 25 years.

A common misconception is that these problems can be solved by applying eye creams or wearing eye masks. While these work fairly well for fine lines and wrinkles, it does not help to stimulate eye lifts or remove eye bags. Seek authentic medical aesthetic treatment to solve the concern.

Shiro Aesthetic Clinic Eyebag Elimination Program

No Surgery + Minimal Downtime

Eye creams and masks won’t work because eyebags are formed from the herniation or protrusion of the intra-orbital fats. Our Eyebag Elimination Program is performed by doctors to reduce and improve eyebags without surgery while stimulating collagen production to lift and smooth out undereye fine lines. The procedure involves minimal pain and minimal downtime with little self care needed.

What Causes Eyebags

As we age, the skin looses its elasticity and collagen with each passing year and the tissues around the eyes, including some of the muscles supporting the eyelids, weaken to a drooping state. Eye bags are formed from the herniation or protrusion of the intra-orbtal fats. The thinner skin is unable to hold in the fats this leading to the bulging out of the eye bag fats.

Several factors that may cause or worsen this effect include:
> Fluid retention, especially upon waking or after a salty meal
> Lack of sleep
> Allergies
> Smoking
> Heredity — under-eye bags can run in families

Performed by doctors, you are in good hands.

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