Anyone can easily stumble upon a misconception or two regarding skincare and aesthetic treatments in Singapore. This makes it important for you to be aware and informed and fortunately, the truth isn’t too hard to discover! 


Let us help by featuring and debunking 7 common skincare myths today.


MYTH 1: Laser Treatments can Damage the Skin 

Lasers don’t really weaken the skin. In fact, they actually help the skin produce more collagen to form elastin which replaces damaged layers. However, it’s important to know that if laser treatment is excessive, that’s the time that it affects the skin. with proper consultation, your doctor will advise you to return for repeated treatments at regular intervals to avoid potential side effects.


MYTH 2: Wrinkly Skin is the Result of Genetics 

Most of your body’s physical traits can be attributed to your genes. While this is mostly true, this hasn’t always been the entire case.. The characteristics of your skin are 30% genetics but 70% depends on how we take care of it hence, your lifestyle will dictate the appearance of your skin in the future.


MYTH 3: Botox will Make the Face Look Worse 

The neurotoxin called botulinum toxin (Botox) is produced by Clostridium Botulinum, a motile bacterium. Such a name makes Botox a terrifying treatment to invest in, but in reality, it’s 100% safe. Today, Microbotox Dermalift is widely available, which unlike the traditional Botox, is performed at a superficial level. It does away with the “freezing” effect often associated with Botox injections.


MYTH 4: Aesthetic Treatments are Painful

With numbing creams and other kinds of anaesthetic, you can get aesthetically treated with minimal to almost non-existent pain. Numbing creams or anaesthesia are applied to effectively minimize the pain as much as possible. It’s important to communicate with your doctor to determine how much anaesthesia should be formulated and administered depending on your pain tolerance.


MYTH 5: Cosmetic Treatments can Make You Look Unnatural 

Nowadays, the trend has shifted towards achieving the “natural look.” Fortunately, the industry of skin aesthetics has adapted to the needs of patients.  More and more patients are seeing Microbotox and other non-invasive treatments for achieving a natural appearance.


MYTH 6: It’s OK to Skip Sunscreen When It’s Not Sunny 

Applying sunscreen when it’s sunny outside is understandable, but what if it’s cloudy? In reality, as long as it’s daytime, it’s recommended to apply sunscreen to prevent the effects of sunlight such as wrinkles and dark spots. Even during cloudy days, the skin can be affected by such external factors.


MYTH 7: Anti-Ageing Products are Only for Those Who are 30 or Older 

The truth isanti-ageing products can be used as early as the age of 21.  It’s even better if you start using these products earlier. But always remember to apply the right product for your skin type or else you won’t achieve the desired results.


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Dr Zhang YiJun