Beauty indeed comes with a price, but it should not mean that you have to pay twice for the hospital bills because of a failed one. This situation is common for patients who settle for cheap dermal fillers that are found on the Internet’s black market.


In Singapore, dermal fillers are extremely popular because of its non-surgical rejuvenation treatment which restores the lost volume of facial features such as cheeks, chin and forehead. Likened to face thread lifts in Singapore, it works by restoring facial volume and by stimulating the area of your face to produce collagen—a protein that is responsible for biological functions. By imitating what your skin produces, it can redefine the structure of your face using compounds found in this injectable treatment today.


Why are Dermal Fillers Good for You?


A human’s skin can withstand compounds such as Hyaluronic acid (HA) and Poly-Caprolactone (PCL) microspheres—a polymer known for its safety and long degradation time. This are some of what high-grade dermal fillers treatment use because it ensures effectiveness and low odds of getting complications in the hands of an experienced, board-certified dermatologist or aesthetic doctor.


Consequently, dermal fillers are good for you because the effects can be remarkable when it comes to reducing the appearance of your wrinkles or to enhance hydration and restoring volume to give your face a more rejuvenated appearance. It can make your relatively ageing skin look naturally young again, especially softening the lines that show your true age.


One of dermal fillers’ most honoured trait is its longevity since the results can last from one to four years. However, despite its excellence is in delivering patient satisfaction and minimal downtime, no one is immune to the possibilities of serious complications.


The Risks of Getting Dermal Fillers

Without the use of professional dermal fillers injections and sterile instruments, complications can arise, including: 


1. Bruising
Mild bruising is a relatively common occurance with any medical injected treatment. Sometimes serious bruising can occur which may take more than a week to resolve But, in some cases this may be prevented if you get dermal fillers under the care of a trained professional.


2. Skin rash with itching
Together with swelling and redness, itchy skin rash may be a sign that your skin is having an allergic reaction after contact with inferior, low-cost dermal fillers. Knowing the source and accreditation of the type and brand of filler before the procedure and immediate allergy treatment are a way to prevent this from happening.


3. Skin necrosis
This is exceedingly rare but is one of the most serious complication. If this happened, a blood vessel was occluded by the filler. The signs that this had occurred are (1) pain in the injection area; and (2) there is discolouration, or (3) blurred vision. Immediately seek emergency treatment if this happened.


Dermal fillers should always be administered professionally so that the risk of getting complications will be minimal to zero. Its side effects should only vary from redness or swelling in the area of the injection. But, after a few hours or a day, its minimal effects should disappear and you can enjoy the perks of the treatment without a worry!



Ellansé Dermal Filler 


Who would have thought that the aesthetic medicine industry could create injectable fillers that can fix your biggest insecurities? Well, Ellansé’s dermal fillers offer safe and long lasting aesthetic facial treatment for patients like you who desire younger-looking skin. With an aesthetic doctor’s experience, use of sterile instruments, and a safe facility, you will receive the promised results of dermal fillers with peace of mind.


Risks and complications can be prevented with proper consultation and complying with your dermatologist’s instructions. Thus, talk to our aesthetic doctors at Shiro Aesthetic Clinic to know if you are a suitable candidate for a dermal filler like Ellansé or Hyaluronic acid cheek and chin fillers treatment in Singapore.


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Dr Zhang YiJun