HIFU Shape

Shape up and firm up with HIFU Shape, a multi-action treatment that works safely on body contouring.

Utilising high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), it is able to significantly lift the skin to create the perfect silhouette.

HIFU Shape is effective solution for body shaping treatments – effective against fats and cellulite on the abdomen, hips and legs. Patients have reported proven results from practical tape measurements and peer reviews.

HIFU Shape is the perfect treatment for patients who do not want surgical rejuvenation.

HIFU Shape Works For

  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Legs

How HIFU Shape Works

Low level of heat is generated to target problem areas such as the stomach and even stretch marks.

It is a procedure where heat from the high­ intensity focused ultrasound eliminates unwanted fat cells at your desired areas. The technology has been proven by sonography, practical tape measurements and a peer review study. S​o if that extra layer of fat under your arms or the love handles at your waist is troubling you, HIFU Shape can help with that to create a more defined and contoured shape. HIFU Shape can be used as a compliment with face lifting with HIFU Toning.

HIFU Shape Is Fast with Long-term Results

  • Non-invasive = No surgery, no anesthetic
  • No downtime, no recovery period, no aftercare
  • Fast and safe = No pain, minimal side effects
  • Long-term results

The HIFU Shape Procedure

It is an overall comfortable and painless procedure.

As compared to the first generation of HIFU devices such as Ulthera were very effective, but also extremely painful due to the excessive heat produced. Shiro uses the new generation of HIFU devices like Sygmalift, which got around this problem by fractionating the ultrasound beam into many small beams, leading to a painless experience with similar results.

The procedure takes about 1 hour and has no downtime for most patients.

The main difference is the pain. HIFU Shape uses fractionated HIFU, which is literally painless. Traditional HIFUs have always been using very focus large beams that penetrate at precise depths in the skin causing a lot of pain during the treatment.

Results to Expect

Results are noticeable even after just one session as skin is made to work hard for increased collagen production and elasticity. Even as the tissues undergo intense rejuvenation, body contouring is possible without the trouble of going under the knife.

Success Through Correct Patient Selection

HIFU Shape is safe for everyone. It is still essentially recommended for a consultation with the Dr for proper assessment of your condition.
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