As a natural process, each layer of our skin—the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis —has distinct components and functions that differ from the other. One of the best ways to take care of your skin is to undergo aesthetic treatments that not only can make you look younger but can also nourish your skin.


For instance, anti-ageing treatments such as facelifts can refresh the exhausted or “sunken” look on your face. These skin boosters help revive your skin’s vitality for baby-smooth skin and youthful appearance by hydrating the skin to improve its elasticity and replenish its smoothness.


Apart from these, what other methods should you consider to achieve younger, healthier skin?



1. Be Aware of the Factors that Affect the Skin

Did you know that your surrounding environment can immediately affect your skin? Depending on the temperature, your skin can become more sensitive and prone to a variety of diseases. 


More than that, you should also be concerned with the skin products you use. Your facial wash and body soaps may contain harmful chemicals that are harsh for the skin and may cause irritation. It is essential to choose quality skincare products for your daily routine. Remember to choose mild skincare products to avoid stripping your skin of its essential oils and other skin care problems. 


Every woman experiences different types of skin problems. When sweat, bacteria and oils mix together, the following common facial problems can arise:

  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Irregular pigmentation


Remember to moisturise daily to prevent disorders such as eczema or breakouts.



2. Consider Undergoing Aesthetic Treatments 

Aesthetic treatments such as scar removals, laser pigmentation, and dermal filler injections can significantly improve your skin’s condition. 


For instance, if you’re looking to remove freckles, birthmarks, scars, and melasma, a laser pigmentation treatment may be recommended for you. There’s also an Airjet Acne Scar Removal treatment that removes acne scars as well as helps fade away fine lines and wrinkles. 


There’s always a specific type of treatment that’s suitable for different skin dilemmas. For optimal results, consult a trained doctor for advice on which type of treatment suits your skin problems best.



3. Do Your Research and Stay Informed 

With more information and awareness regarding aesthetic treatments, you have better chances of achieving the desired results. Going under aesthetic treatments will not only require the expertise of the doctor but also your awareness and due responsibility.


Whatever treatment you opt to have, make sure to keep the following points in mind.

  • Stay Healthy – Every patient is required to be in a healthy condition before getting treated. This means having a healthy diet, avoiding alcohol, and trying to stave off illnesses a few months prior to the procedure.
  • Be Realistic – It is wise to set a list of realistic expectations. This is to find which treatment is best suited for achieving your desired results. You may set proper expectations through a series of consultations before you proceed with the treatments.
  • Be Patient – Most aesthetic clinics in Singapore today offer non-invasive treatments that have minimal to zero downtime. Results are almost immediate if not visible in a few days or so. However, repeated treatments may be required to achieve optimal results. 


Everyone has a treatment that is well-fitted to their expectations. Research more about the treatments you wish to choose depending on the results you want to achieve. 


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Dr Zhang Yijun received his medical degree and post graduate family medicine qualification at the National University of Singapore and obtained his post graduate diploma in Practical Dermatology at Cardiff University, UK.

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