It is also regarded as the new age of ‘tweakments’, with the availability of minimally to non-invasive treatments that produce natural-looking results but without significant downtime or serious potential risks—injectables, lasers, peels, and microneedling to name a few. It moves away from the ‘frozen face’ results of the earlier versions of surgical procedures in the past.


These aggressive advancements in technology have paved the way for beauty and aesthetic trends to pop up one after another and we can only expect for a steady increase in demand for this type of procedures in the future.


In this article, we reflect on the biggest aesthetic treatment breakthroughs of the past decade and look ahead at what will likely continue to trend in 2020.



Aesthetic Treatments for Natural-Looking Results


Natural-looking results will be more in-demand than ever as consumers are becoming savvier to avoid overdoing their procedures, which can make their faces unusually smooth—or for the lack of a better word, fake. They view fillers, toxins, and lasers as part of their overall health maintenance, undergoing these procedures to achieve healthy, radiant skin that looks well-rested than ‘overly done’.



Skin Resurfacing for Scars


Many patients will also continue to seek scar treatments to address this skin issue. Non-invasive procedures such as fractional skin resurfacing—a method used in Venus Viva treatment—will become more available to improve their skin texture and reduce the appearance of acne scars, wrinkles, uneven texture, pigmentation, and even stretch marks.



Bespoke Solutions are King


Another buzz for 2020 will predictably be treatments that are tailored for the specific requirements of the patient. We’ll see more of treatments being combined with another, one example being the combining of Rejuran Healer with high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment for skin rejuvenation. Integrating these two can significantly reduce downtime and alternately boost individual improvements for each.



Fillers Below the Face Will Prevail


Following the success of dermal fillers for the upper face—forehead, around the eyes, mouth, lips, and cheeks, we’ll be seeing more of fillers being injected in the lower areas of the face, particularly the jawlines and chin. Most of the demand will be coming from patients looking to alter the shape of their faces, achieve symmetry between their chin and mouth, and visually separate their jaw from the neck.



Non-Invasive Treatments are Here to Stay


In conclusion, non-surgical procedures are here to stay as more and more consumers are looking for fast and accessible solutions to many of their perceived cosmetic flaws. The treatments that only surgery could deliver in the past can now be done through what is called ‘lunchtime’ procedures. Take nose thread lifts and fillers as an example. They are now the preferred method of choice over rhinoplasty, providing immediate results but without the risks involved in the surgical option.


The new year is an exciting time for the beauty and aesthetic industry in Singapore. But, regardless of what’s trending in the year or the decade ahead, it remains essential to consult a board-certified aesthetic doctor before undergoing any procedures.


Start the year right by making time for your beauty goals. Schedule a personal consultation with Shiro Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore today.

Dr Zhang YiJun