A few years ago, if you wanted a smaller, straighter, and more desirable nose, you only have two options: learn to love what you have or get a surgical rhinoplasty.


But, with the advancements of technology came injectable dermal fillers and nose thread lifts that are capable of transforming your facial profile through a non-surgical nose augmentation. These procedures are regarded to address perceived imperfections in as little as 15 minutes and without going under the knife.


As demand for nose thread lift and fillers in Singapore rise, we thought it’s a great time to debunk some of the myths surrounding them and provide you with all the information you have to know about non-surgical nose augmentations.



MYTH: A nose job will give you a straight, upturned nose but it will look fake


In decades past, rhinoplasty had the reputation of giving patients an overdone or artificial look. But, with the introduction of non-surgical nose augmentations,  you can achieve a natural-looking nose that’s desirable yet barely noticeable. What’s even better is that these benefits come even without undergoing surgery.



MYTH: Anyone can perform a nose job


A nose job that looks fake is just one reason why only a qualified and experienced medical aesthetician can perform the procedure. The other is that being a particularly delicate facial feature, a nose job usually comes with the most risk compared to any other procedure hence, it isn’t something you want to shop around for to get the cheapest price.



MYTH: You can have any type of nose you want


Each visage has unique features. Therefore, the nose that you may think is beautiful may not sit well on you. A good medical aesthetician should be able to identify which type of nose will match the rest of your facial structure and shape so the outcome will look balanced and natural.



MYTH: It’s a painful procedure


While it’s true that there’s an amount of discomfort associated with non-surgical nose jobs, to describe nose thread lifts and fillers painful is an exaggeration. A local anaesthetic is often used to numb the problem areas so you would hardly feel any discomfort.



MYTH: It requires a lot of downtimes


Major side effects are quite rare with non-surgical nose augmentations. While you may experience some tenderness, redness, itching, or bruising following a procedure, any discomfort should go away immediately. Other than these, you can resume your daily routine right after the treatment.



MYTH: It doesn’t have any risk


Although non-invasive, fillers and nose thread lifts can also carry risks of complications such as permanent scarring, blindness, and difficulty in breathing. However, these can be greatly reduced by undergoing surgery with an experienced, board-certified aesthetician.



MYTH: The more, the better


In terms of fillers and threads, more is definitely not better. Some may worry that these procedures will result in a comically enhanced nose, but the likelihood of that happening will be greatly reduced by not overdoing them.



MYTH: It’s irreversible


Most nose fillers today use hyaluronic acid—a natural substance which effects can wear off within 6 months to a year or more after the procedure and which can be dissolved by a product called hyaluronidase. It means that if you don’t like the results, you don’t have to be stuck with it as it can be easily reversed, if necessary.


As with any aesthetic procedure, learning as much as possible about non-surgical nose augmentation can help you set your expectations of the treatment.


We hope that separating the myths from facts has helped you dispel some of the misconceptions about non-surgical nose augmentations. If you consider undergoing this procedure, get in touch with us at Shiro Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore so we can discuss your non-invasive options.


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Dr Zhang YiJun