Thread lifts, fat freezing, dermal fillers, and acne scar removal.


As much information you think you know about these in-demand aesthetic procedures today, no amount of knowledge and money to undergo each can guarantee its success without proper consultation with a licensed doctor.


Regardless of your aesthetic concern or the specific procedure you’re looking to have, your homework doesn’t stop with Internet research or finding a provider who can perform it.


What should you not do before undergoing an aesthetic treatment? Keep on reading to find out.



1. Neglecting Professional Consultation


More often than not, patients opt for low-cost procedures and end up paying a higher price: botched thread lift, burnt skin, and bad nose augmentation to name a few. These are usually the result of cheap, rushed operations outside a clinical environment.


Such situations illustrate the need for consulting with a qualified professional who has adequate knowledge and training to understand your case and recommend a treatment that’s tailored specifically to address your concerns.



2. Not Assessing Whether the Cost Matches the Value of the Product/Service


Not every Botox is created equal. Top-end products and technology today can cost twice as much, explaining why some clinics charge higher than the others. Nevertheless, you would also see better results.


In that case, make sure the cost you’re paying matches the quality of service you’re getting. Always ask for the specific brand of product or technology your doctor is recommending.



3. Setting Unrealistic Expectations


More than the treatment cost, you should also set realistic expectations on the results. Most non-invasive treatments today require a few sessions in a span of a few weeks to show visible effects.


For instance, in cryolipolysis or fat freezing, it will take a week to three months before you notice improvements. Therefore, be prepared to let your doctor have a few sessions or wait for the treatment to take full effect.



4. Choosing a Doctor Based on Prices Alone


Many are probably guilty of comparing clinics based on prices and that’s a huge mistake. Like how products and aesthetic devices vary, doctors have different skill levels and approaches.


Instead of opting for a doctor that charges the cheapest, look for one who has successfully worked on cases similar to yours.



5. Overlooking Research


More and more clinics today are starting to write online, with some doctors even starting their personal blogs. These articles can give you insight into their treatment approach, specifically how knowledgeable they are on a specific topic.


While reading such blogs can inform you better about how you can take care of your skin or what’s potentially causing your concerns, it can also help you identify doctors that specialise in a specific treatment. It gives you the idea about who to consult with.


There’s nothing quite like the rejuvenating effects of aesthetic enhancement. But, no matter the procedure you’re looking to have, make sure that it’s administered by a licensed provider to ensure quality and safety.


To learn more about how tailored treatment leads to successful, natural-looking results, schedule a consultation with us at Shiro Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore today.

Dr Zhang YiJun