The first step to taking care of your skin is to be aware of the things you should and should not do. But, what are they exactly? 



Avoid These 10 Skincare Mistakes 


1. Facial Scrubbing Too Often 


The skin is resistant to bacteria and viruses on its own, having the ability to regenerate itself every three to four weeks. To speed up the process, many people use facial scrubs. However, when used too frequently, these products can do more harm than good to the skin’s protective layer. 


Instead of facial scrubs, use chemical peels instead. These are useful in addressing pigmentation irregularities as well as removing wrinkles and acne.



2. Using the Wrong Products for Your Skin Type 


Every skin is different and not all products will work for you. Using the wrong skincare products can only damage the skin further. Identify which skin type you have: 


Balanced skin – A well-balanced skin is normal and healthy. Production of sebum is at a normal rate.

Dry skin – The skin produces less sebum than normal. Retain moisture to help dry skin build a natural shield against external harm.

Oily skin – This is the opposite of dry skin, where there’s a heightened production of sebum.


Once you are aware of your skin type, make sure to check the details of your skincare products. It may contain ingredients which can be harmful to your skin and may trigger allergies. You can also consult a dermatologist at an aesthetic treatment clinic in Singapore for professional advice. 



3. Using Too Many Products 


Avoid using too many skincare products; this will damage the protective layers of your skin. Instead, let it protect itself from harm. As mentioned above, the skin is gifted with a natural immune system against bacteria and viruses.



4. Engaging in Skincare Routine Immediately Before Bedtime 


Do you apply skincare products immediately before bedtime? This routine is not effective, actually. To get the best benefits out of your skincare regimen, apply your products at least one hour before bedtime. This way, your skin will have enough time to absorb the nutrients of your product to make it work.



5. Using Your Products in the Wrong Order 


A step by step order in applying skincare products is necessary. If the products are applied in the wrong way, the results won’t come to full effect. Thus, not giving your skin the proper treatment.


The rule of thumb is to apply products with a thinner consistency before applying the thicker and creamier ones. This will allow thinner products to give way for heavier ones to penetrate the skin.



6. Extremely Hot Showers 


Everybody find hot showers relaxing, don’t you agree? But did you know that hot showers are bad for your skin? Hot water can get rid of essential moisture and oils making your skin dry and unhealthy. It’s fine to take a hot shower now and then, but the recommended temperature for showering is around the lukewarm level.



7. Getting Inadequate Sleep 

Sleep is one of the most powerful natural beauty regimens. Getting enough sleep every night, or most nights—at the least—can help you achieve healthier skin. Lack of sleep can make you look and feel stressed, which also stresses your skin and potentially cause breakouts. 



8. Unhealthy Eating Habits 


Besides getting enough sleep, engaging in a proper diet is the ideal way to keep your skin looking healthy. Vegetables such as cabbage and lettuce are good choices to add to your diet to keep your skin looking healthy and smooth. 



9. Neglecting to Clean equipment


The more you use your facial and body equipment, the more germs build up. Make sure your skincare equipment and supplies are always cleaned thoroughly to avoid germs from invading your skin. Clean your skincare equipment, particularly makeup brushes, after at least two uses. 



10. Sleeping with your makeup on


As you sleep, the body produces growth hormones that are necessary for rebuilding itself. Unfortunately, leaving your makeup on while sleeping will clog the pores. The dead skin cells will be trapped, allowing oil and sweat to reside in your skin. In this case, going for medi-facials can help clean out the gunk for brighter and refreshed skin.


Always remove your makeup before sleeping. You can use makeup removers to make sure your face is fully clean from germs.


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