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Helmed by Dr Zhang Yijun, Shiro Aesthetic Clinic is set in the elegant ambience of Mandarin Gallery Orchard, poised as an all-encompassing aesthetic haven for Singapore’s go-getter millennials.

At Shiro, we live and breathe skin vitality. From revitalising head-to-toe aesthetic treatments such as HIFU Toning and Thermage FLX to advanced skin enhancement services like AirJet, HydroPeel and more. We seek to understand our client’s needs and provide radiant results that will empower clients with renewed confidence in their own natural beauty.

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Shiro Aesthetic Treatments

At Shiro Aesthetic Clinic, we believe that healthy skin and silhouette give one the confidence needed to thrive in every situation. Hence, we offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments in Singapore to all male and female clients with skin, hair and body aesthetic concerns after informed discussions and analysis.

Our aesthetic centre in Singapore consists of a team of experienced and dedicated professionals eager to empower you on this journey towards enduring beauty and health. Achieve desired results with our clinically approved aesthetic treatments and boost your overall confidence.

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Make your mark confidently and let our aesthetic professionals help you put your best Face forward. Achieve a more balanced side profile facial structure through our non-surgical facial enhancement procedures such as chin fillers, nose thread lift, and face thread lift.

Enhance your natural beauty with the latest advances in non-invasive aesthetic treatments. Our centre’s signature HIFU Toning can give you subtle yet transformative results for a V-lift or facial contouring and even eyebag removal that will redefine your contours.

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It’s no secret that our physique affects the clothing we feel confident in. Unfortunately, for many reasons, certain areas of body fat can be hard to reduce with diet and exercise alone.

Let Shiro help you attain the body of your dreams with clinical assessments and non-invasive fat-reducing treatments that can be curated for noticeable positive results. Standout examples include body contouring HIFU Shape, fat freezing Cryolipolysis or multi-polar radio frequency Venus Legacy that received positive reviews from our aesthetic centre’s clients in Singapore.

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At Shiro, we understand that our skin is exposed to environmental factors every day, which can damage it and accelerate the ageing process. To rejuvenate and protect the skin, our aesthetic centre offers a range of medically approved treatments designed to help improve your complexion in due time.

From skin tightening with Botulinum Toxin (botox, dysport, xeomin), acne scar removal using AirJet therapy, seeking an extra glow via our star HydroPeel medi-facial or Thermage FLX – let us revitalise your skin today at Shiro Aesthetic Clinic Singapore.

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Regaining self-confidence and a strong sense of esteem can be difficult when confronted with hair loss. With 10 years of experience in Singapore, Shiro is here to help you reverse the effects through personalised advice and medically effective treatments prescribed after a detailed hair scan and diagnosis.

Be it autologous micro-grafting with Regenera Activa, Low-Level Laser Therapy Theradome or oral supplements, our centre uses specialised aesthetic treatments to deliver enduring results. We hope to help you enjoy the best of life with confidence and joy.

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Good Aesthetics are Made by Appointment

Shiro Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore adopts a holistic approach to aesthetic treatments. We are a skin aesthetics and hair loss centre in Singapore committed to helping our clients achieve their beauty and skincare goals. Our extensive clinical experiences and philosophy of cultivating positive habits in every client ensure we deliver a high standard of care to obtain desirable results.

Make time for your beauty goals, and schedule a personal consultation for the Shiro experience that seeks to empower and make you shine brighter than ever before.

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